Our leadership retreat is to give your team leaders, officers, and seniors the resources they need to lead their teams effectively throughout the season.

Elite is here to take your brand new officers and your more advanced officers and find a plan to help each of them excel as individuals, as well as a whole officer squad. We want to be a part of your success story and cannot wait to have you join us. We will build amazing leaders for your teams – together!

Elite’s leadership retreat is for dance, drill, and cheer team officers, leaders, seniors, and other members who are in a position of leadership. Sessions are both movement-based and classroom settings, designed to equip your leaders with a variety of necessary tools for a successful year. We strongly believe in training young leaders to be effective both on their team, in their school, families, and communities. Prep your leaders to lead effectively and register your leadership team today!   



  • Teach your leaders how to take on more responsibility
  • Learn new team-building strategies to incorporate throughout the year
  • Officers will learn how to plan well in advance and prepare for each practice
  • Plan out your goals for each season prior to it even starting
  • Build a comprehensive, year-long warm-up strategy to achieve your team goals
  • Become more effective leaders that will serve your team for the entire year, regardless of prior experience
  • Teach your leaders effective communication skills and conflict resolution skills
  • Learn charting and choreography skills
  • Master session by Pro-Active Coaching


LEADERSHIP RETREAT 2024: June 1st-2nd, Location: TBD

The Elite Leadership Retreat is now a 2 day experience for summer 2024! This will provide more in-depth leadership training for your potential leaders. We are excited to bring this amazing curriculum to your leaders!

  • Cost: $150 or $130 if attending Team Camp or a Commuter Camp
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